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How to Bring Your Lunch to Work

by Sarah Beller

Bringing your lunch to work does take a little extra time, but the savings really make it worth it! Here’s a list of some common excuses I hear for why people can’t bring their own lunch to work, and some easy solutions I’ve come up with.

Excuse #1: I don’t have time in the mornings.

Oh my god, neither do I! If I had to make lunches in the morning I’m not sure I’d want to be alive. I suggest packing a lunch at night, with leftovers from dinner. To start out with, you should probably have a husband. You and your husband cook a delicious and healthy dinner. Actually maybe, he will probably cook it. He makes a tonnnn of extra food. He’s so cute. Ok, one option here is you save two portions of food, and as you’re cleaning up throw it in some Tupperware, and bring it to work the next day. EASY!
Another good option here is to just eat all of the extra food that night, yourself, finishing it absently as you watch old episodes of Frasier on your computer. That darn Eddie!

Excuse #2: My workplace does not have a microwave or fridge.
A microwave or fridge?? My office doesn’t even think I work there and I’m still able to manage just fine. Get a little creative for god’s sake. Ever heard of a sandwich? Ever heard of a sandwich made of honey mustard and Oreos and wasabi peas? Once you get in the spirit, it’s easy!

Excuse #3: Would it really even save me that much money? I buy cheap lunches, like a sandwich from Subway.
Are you being serious? Bringing your lunch will literally save you millions of dollars. If you buy even a $6 lunch, you will spend approximately $1,500 per year. But if you bring your own lunch? You’ll feel so confident you’ll probably get a raise, thus canceling out all food costs, and even giving you enough left over to buy a single, glimmering, rejuvenating Enlightened Raw Kombucha.

Excuse #4: I have to eat lunch out everyday because I need to network and get ahead with my career.
If you must eat out with your coworkers to network, I’d suggest snacking throughout the day on things you brought from home (i.e. all that yarn from when you were going to learn how to knit), so that when you go to lunch with your colleagues, you can demurely order a glass of wine and nothing else. They will think you are mysterious and want to promote you! Then, the next day, somehow, someway, bring your lunch. If you go the Oreo-wasabi sandwich route, take out the inside frosting part of the Oreo and spread that on the border of your sandwich for maximum “wow”-effect. Next, that kind of hot coworker (well to be honest, only hott-ish and only because you’re bored at work, but still) will probably think you are such a great homemaker. He will likely decide to marry you. Then he can cook dinner with leftovers for the next time you want to bring lunch! Just don’t get too lost in Frasier. ;)

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